“Vers un avenir Vert” is a Quebec-based company that specializes in selling
earthworms for indoor composting.

This technique is called ”vermicomposting” or “worm composting.” “Vermi” is Latin for “worm.” We’ll use the term vermicomposting here.

A young and innovative business, Vers un avenir vert began in response to the environmental concerns of Hélène Beaumont, the company’s founder. After learning about environmental issues during her agricultural training at Laval University, she gradually began changing her diet and started researching healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Little by little she is becoming a spokesperson on the dangers of overconsumption and the advantages of an ecologically sustainable way of life.


Mention honorifique 2011

Winner of the
« Gala Génération Avenir 2009»
Startup business Category

Winner of the
« Gala Génération Avenir 2010»
Manufacturing Category

Winner of the « Prix Distinction de la
Chambre de commerce Haute Yamaska et région 2010 »
Self Employed Person Category


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